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Artist with Paintbrushes

Abstract Art Pluggg


Abstract Art Pluggg, an independent artist studio nestled in the heart of California's creative landscape, is a passionate tribute to the boundless joy that art imparts to our lives. As ardent admirers of art and its transformative power, Abstract Art Pluggg sought our expertise to bring their artistic vision to life both in brand identity and web design. Our mission was to craft a brand and website that not only reflected their profound love for art but also shared it with the world.


Product Designer, Brand Strategist
Product Strategy, User Research, Interaction, Visual design, Prototyping and testing, Information, and Brand Design.

Sept 2022

Our journey with Abstract Art Pluggg began with the creation of a brand identity that was as dynamic as the abstract art itself. The logo we designed was a vivid representation of the fluidity, energy, and vibrant emotions that art evokes. It became a symbol of Abstract Art Pluggg's commitment to sparking joy through creativity.

Branding Logo

Brand Marks

Color Palette

Drawing inspiration from the rich and expressive hues found in abstract art, we curated a color palette that breathed life into the brand. Bold, yet harmonious, these colors became the backdrop for the entire design, infusing vitality and depth into every aspect of the studio's identity.


The choice of typography was a delicate balance between elegance and playfulness. It embodied the free-spirited nature of abstract art while maintaining a sense of sophistication. The fonts we selected contributed to a cohesive and memorable brand voice.

Our web design journey unfolded as an exploration of art and its connection with people. The website we crafted was more than just a digital platform; it was an extension of the studio's creative space. Every element, from the layout to the interactive features, was meticulously designed to resonate with the soul of abstract art.

The centerpiece of the website was the art gallery, a virtual sanctuary where visitors could immerse themselves in the artist's world. Each artwork was presented with detailed descriptions, inviting viewers to interpret and experience the emotions woven into every stroke and hue.

The brand design and website for Abstract Art Pluggg are a testament to the profound love for art and the joy it brings. They stand as a vibrant celebration of creativity and the connection it forges between the artist and the world. Through its dynamic brand identity and immersive web experience, Abstract Art Pluggg invites art enthusiasts to embark on a colorful journey, where imagination knows no bounds.

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