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Cotton & Oak Home Decor


Cotton & Oak Home Decor, an interior design business, approached us with a vision of creating a unique and captivating brand identity that would resonate with their target audience. Their mission was to offer exquisite interior design services that evoke warmth, comfort, and style in every home. Our challenge was to translate this vision into a cohesive branding design that would set Cotton & Oak apart in the competitive interior design market.


Brand Strategist
Strategy,  Research, Visual design, and Brand Design.

Nov 2022

We began by delving deep into the heart of Cotton & Oak's essence. It was clear that they were all about creating spaces that felt like a warm hug. We defined their brand essence as "Elegantly Cozy." This phrase encapsulated the blend of sophistication and comfort that they aimed to bring to their clients' homes.

For the logo, we drew inspiration from the natural beauty of oak trees and the softness of cotton. The combination of an oak leaf with a cotton boll resulted in a logo that was both visually appealing and meaningful. The choice of earthy colors with a pop of pink and elegant typography emphasized the brand's connection to nature and style.

Logo Concepts

Untitled design (14).png
COTTON & OAK (2).png

Color Palette

Our color palette revolved around soothing earth tones, such as warm browns and soft creams, with accents of bright pink. These colors created a harmonious balance that reflected the brand's commitment to creating inviting and cozy living spaces.

We selected a custom-designed typeface that exuded sophistication while remaining approachable. The elegant yet readable font reinforced the brand's "Elegantly Cozy" essence.


Cotton & Oak's portfolio required a distinct photography style. We opted for a mix of professional interior shots, capturing the essence of their design projects, along with lifestyle imagery that conveyed the comfort and warmth their designs brought to homes.

The new branding design for Cotton & Oak Home Decor successfully conveyed their unique "Elegantly Cozy" identity. It has helped them stand out in the interior design industry, attract their ideal clientele, and communicate their commitment to creating spaces that feel like a warm embrace. The branding design has not only elevated their visual identity but has also brought their mission to life in the hearts and homes of their clients.

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