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Pure Essentailsx

Pure Essentailsx


Pure Essentialsx, a provider of hand-poured scented candles and self-care products, is committed to enhancing your self-care journey. They understand that self-care goes beyond mere products; it's about elevating physical and emotional health. However, they faced challenges in selling their products effectively and sought to find a solution.


Product Designer, Brand Strategist
Product Strategy, User Research, Interaction, Visual design, Prototyping and testing, Information, and Brand Design.

Jan 2020-2021

Identifying Challenges

Pure Essentialsx recognized a common issue in the self-care industry – the lack of truly "healthy" and "all-natural" ingredients that many businesses advertised. They were dissatisfied with companies that didn't live up to their claims. As a response, they dedicated themselves to creating exceptional, vegan products with clean scents, free of toxic ingredients that are safe for everyone, including pets.

So we helped with possessing expertise in integrating a seamless e-commerce system. This includes ensuring secure payment gateways, easy product browsing, and a hassle-free checkout process, enabling customers to purchase Pure Essentialsx products effortlessly. All while giving an effortless Branding look.

Logo Concepts

Primary Logo Design (Client came with)

Brand Strategy & Design Direction (Presentation (43))_edited.jpg
pure essentailsx

Secondary Logo

Copy of Copy of pure essentialsx.png
pure essentialsx Brand Marks

Brand Marks


Brand Typography

Brand Aesthetics + Color Story

Website Design

Brand Strategy & Design Direction (Presentation (43)) (5).webp
pure essentialsx website

Website Design | E-Commerce 
Pure Essentialsx
Pedro Ramos

Understanding user-centered design principles is a must. With this design we identify and address the unique needs and emotions of self-care seekers, ensuring our website fosters a sense of tranquility and well-being.

Visual aesthetics play a pivotal role in the self-care industry.  So Robb Nieves Design Co, came up with a keen eye for creating beautiful, soothing designs that align with our client's mission. Additionally, excelling in designing intuitive navigation to help users easily explore and purchase products.

Beyond design skills, we were able to share our commitment to promoting a healthier, self-caring lifestyle. In which this design conveys our dedication to clean, natural ingredients and our mission to enhance well-being.

As soon as a user entered the page we wanted them to feel at home. We had a mix of About the business owners, About the products, some fun facts that people might not know, and of course the actual products. 

Client Review

Pure Essentialsx - Pedro Ramos

"Rob will bring your vision to life plus more! very responsive, easy to reach, & always listens to your needs in order to create things in your vision rather than his own".

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